Theme04: Pain and Neuropathy

We want to create innovative new drugs in the fields of pain and neuropathy and bring them to patients around the world as soon as possible! We are sincerely looking forward to partners with innovative ideas and technologies.

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“ Pain and Neuropathy ”

Recruitment theme 

Pain and Neuropathy

4-1 Novel drug target molecules, candidates, and therapeutic concepts in pain, peripheral neuropathy, and nerve injury

Research interests:

  • Drug discovery research based on the mechanism of action inhibiting demyelination, axonal degeneration, and/or enhancing neuronal regeneration

Other conditions:

  • In vitro experimental results demonstrating the targeting MOA are required.
4-2 Research tools and drug discovery technologies for pain, neuropathy, and nerve injury

1.Animal models that can evaluate spinal cord injury and be expected to translate well to humans

2.Technology to differentiate human iPSCs into neurons (e.g., dorsal root ganglia, spinal dorsal horn nerves) or glial cells (e.g., microglia, astrocytes)

(Please refer to “6-2 Research tools and analysis methods”)


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