Recruitment guidelines 

Eligible applicants Researchers who belong to a university or research institute outside Japan (academia, pharmaceutical company, bio-tech, start-up, etc.).
Students are not accepted.
Requested programs

1. Neurodegenerative disease area

2. Autoimmune diseases area

3. Critical care medicine area

4. Bone and/or Cartilage disease area

5. Muscle-related disease area

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Research period

The research collaboration period is one year in principle, but the research period may be shortened or extended depending on the research plan.

In addition, after completion of the joint research period in this program, joint research may be continued or expanded depending on the research results and the agreement of both parties.

Selection criteria The proposals to be adopted will be selected based on a comprehensive evaluation of conformity to the requested topics, originality and usefulness of research proposed, research plan viability, and conflict with Asahi Kasei Pharma internal projects.
Selection system Review and selection of proposals will be conducted at a meeting of Asahi Kasei Pharma research specialists.
Application documents

For “Research collaboration/research incubation” applications, download here.

Application process
  • Download application documents and fill in the required information.
  • Access the “Provisional registration form” within the application form and enter the necessary information.
  • When you have completed the provisional registration, a URL for the main registration will be sent to your registered email address.
  • At the URL for main registration, enter the required information and upload your application documents.
  • When you receive notification that registration is complete at your registered email address, the application procedure is complete.
Selection schedule

  • Application period: 5:00AM , Jan. 7, 2021 GMT to 8:00AM , Feb. 25, 2021 GMT
  • 1st selection (document screening): You will be notified of 1st selection results within 1.5 months of the close of applications.
  • 2nd selection (interview): You will be interviewed by Asahi Kasei Pharma researchers (under an NDA as and when necessary). Review and selection will be based on discussion of the proposed research and the framework for a possible contract. The review and selection period will be approximately 2 months. You will be notified of the result after selection.
Contract conclusion For research projects selected at the 2nd selection, a collaboration agreement will be negotiated between the research facility to which the researcher belongs and Asahi Kasei Pharma. Once a contract is concluded research work can start.
Research expenses Research expenses provided by Asahi Kasei Pharma will not include overhead costs. Overhead costs are limited to 25% of the research expenses by our policy.
Handling of research findings and Intellectual property right Patents for inventions after the start of our research collaboration will be considered for joint filing. Additionally, we may request to purchase the IP for the research collaboration, establish a right of first refusal, or in-license the rights.
Publication of research results In this research collaboration, priority will be given to securing intellectual property rights (patent applications) depending on the content of the research. For this reason, we may ask you to proceed to research on practical applications without publishing results for a certain period after the contract ends. In addition, we will request notification before you submit a presentation to an academic conference or publish a research paper to discuss the contents and timing of your presentation or publication.
Please provide only non-confidential information when submitting an application.
You may simultaneously submit research proposals to other companies, or apply for research grants or research funding to a public or private-sector body or organization, but if your proposal has already been selected elsewhere, please inform us before submitting the application, as we may choose to exclude your proposal from selection for this reason.
Please note that we will not select a research proposal that has already been selected by another company for joint research.
We will not use any of the materials and information received with research proposals and during the application process for any purpose other than this selection process.
Questions and inquiries

Please refer first to the FAQ section of this web site.

To submit inquiries to us, please use the “Contact us” form on this web site.


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