”ASAHI KASEI PHARMA OPEN INNOVATION” is an open innovation platform started in 2018 to recruit candidates for research collaborations related to drug discovery.

In 2020, we have established a new corporate philosophy that expresses "Our Belief" and "Our Promise to Society".
With a strong desire to solve unmet medical needs,
we aim to create innovative new drugs to match our corporate philosophy, “Answers for a meaningful life”.
Realizing this goal requires the combined power of many researchers, both internal and external to the company,
providing innovation through a wealth of ideas and solid science.

We will accept a broad range of proposals from around the world.
We would like to have candidates that will work together with our researchers, who are professionals in drug discovery research,
to promote drug discovery research with practical applications.

Creating for Tomorrow” with you.

We sincerely look forward to receiving your research proposals.

Asahi Kasei Pharma Corporation will offer selected candidates collaborative research opportunities, with research funding and contribution to the program through our scientists’ research activities.

If the program achieves progress, we will consider a separate license agreement that includes payments such as upfront, milestones, and royalties.